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A.S.E. Productions and Casting
Projects and Services

We Have Shooters Available !

Welcome to our Production Company in OKLAHOMA!
If you want the Project done right,and Save Some MONEY;then,You are in the right place!Locations: Colleges, Waterfalls,CASTLES, Western Sets, Beaches, Native American Relics, Planes,and many more!

Ask about Oklahoma's 15% Rebate For Shooting Here:Senate Bill-674

STARTING July 1,2001-2011

CREW From: Writers to DP's----Managers to Editors,and Everything in between,including Props,We can meet all of your needs!

We have talent all over the U.S. and Canada! Let us help you with your casting.

Marketing and Promotions Publicity Photos,Screenings,Parties,Meet and Greets,Posters ,Press kits,Mailers,Video-Audio-and Photo Copies,plus much much MORE! Call us for a quote.(405)821-8029 or C/O Stream


Untitled Cartoon-Stream/Executive Producer
Sierra Grassman-Producer
Male,Heavy Spanish Accent,
Female,English accent,snobby
Plus many other open character voices,copy,credit,there is some pay

(working title) TALENT EXPO ,T.V. SHOW

We Welcome:All Shapes/Sizes,Colors,Creeds,Weights,Heights,and Styles.Here is your chance to Spotlight your Talent on our show.Gain Exposure,Win Prizes,Vacations,and More!
Snail mail Only PLEASE;headshots,resumes,audio,and videos to:4006 S.E. 14th Street~Del City,Ok.73115
c/oStream Spencer


Six Commercials:all ages wanted,copy and credit

Three Short Films,Digital
Executive Producer,Stream
Break Down
1-asian female:petite,long hair.
1-Native american female,ages 19-25,petite:Free spirited,Long hair.
1-white male,age 17-24,short Brown hair,muscular,Pretty Boy.Plus many other open parts.Copy credit,Pay!

Send Snail Mail To:

A.S.E. Productions and Casting

1205 S.Air Depot Blvd. #223

Midwest,Ok. 73110