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"In with Thieves" (Watch the trailer below)
Feature Film: Written/Produced/Directed  By  Sid Kali
Logline: Less than 24 hrs into parole a pro thief comes home to divorce papers, a large debt to the Albanian Mob, and disloyal crime partners, when a sketchy diamond heist comes his way from a seductive woman he mets at a bar he goes in ignoring the warning signs.

Synopsis: Good-looking Jack McGee has problems. Not 24 hours into parole, the respected thief is hit with divorce papers from his wife Karen, finds out his junkie brother in law Max delivered a 100K of bad counterfeit bills to a vicious Albanian gangster named Anton, after blowing the real money Jack gave him to pay a gambling debt. Desperate he reaches out to his crime partners Frank and Hector. Never getting a nickel from them while in prison no surprise they don't come up with the money he needs to keep from ending up in the trunk of a car. Despite the slight Jack knows their greed will keep them watching his back because his reputation as taking down big scores on the street.

Under heavy pressure from Anton to pay or die. Jack and his crew try to steal enough to pay his debt. Coming up way short he plays a twisted game of Russian roulette with Anton to buy more time until he can figure out the next move. Drinking at a dive bar he meets Rita Desouza, a sexy contract killer married to Cuban crime lord David Desouza, who is a player in the. Still angry about the divorce he takes Rita home for more drinks and casual sex to forget the trouble he's in. Sex isn't what Rita's after. She wants to set her up husband to get ripped off during a 5 million dollar diamond exchange at a remote warehouse. She wants Jack to do it. The score sounds a little too good and little too easy, but the stakes are too high to pass up. Jack recruits his crew of Frank and Hector, plus Anton to add extra muscle during the robbery.

Seeing this as the chance to try reconcile with Karen, who never felt he lived up to his potential as a thief, he goes all in. The rip off erupts into a bloody murder scene. Jack and crew get away with the diamonds setting off a series of double-crosses and brutal murders that touch almost everyone involved. Friendship, loyalty, and love run short in a world where distrust can keep you alive and mislaid trust can get you killed. In the end who has what it takes to come out on top and alive? (Currently In Post-Production)

DVD release Feb. 08,2008

Written/Produced/Directed  By  Sid Kali
Logline: Tommy an East coast drug dealer goes on the run to So Cal with his wife after a rip-off murder attempt by a street Kingpin called Detroit mike.

is the gritty and raw story of , a reluctant East Coast drug dealer burned out with being part of the violent and destructive nature of the business. paired with the desire to carve out a legitimate piece of the 'American Dream' soften the street instincts that have allowed him to prosper under the protection of sadistic kingpin Detroit Mike. A few more deals and he'll have enough money to retire from the drug game to a peaceful life with his wife Yolanda. The dream is crushed when Detroit Mike sets Tommy up to get ripped off and murdered by a rival Dominican drug dealer Baldo and an overly ambitious enforcer Lorenzo. Narrowly escaping the double-cross he reaches out to Sadie, his ex-girlfriend, and the head of her own drug crew to help get payback. At a tense meeting he realizes he's dead if he stays in Virginia, he .

( Watch the first 11 minutes of this film now)
 Parental Guidance Suggested for Minors
 Film not Yet Rated!

DVD has been released ...Nov 2007

"Awaken the Dead"
Feature film : Written/Produced/Directed
By Jeff Brookshire
AWAKEN THE DEAD is a zombie film that is equal parts espionage drama, dark comedy, and undead action. Two lost souls must band together as a virus infects the world around them. Christopher, a former killer turned priest battles his own inner demons while Mary, a spirited recluse, battles the world. Thrown together, neither knows what brought them there or what is changing the neighborhood around them.  Their search for answers forces them to confront hidden truths and a web of conspiracy.  The ensemble cast includes a terrified Jehovah's witness, an over the top ex-marine and his wife, two Asian Schoolgirls, and a massive killer pimp. It is a story of poetic justice, moral growth, cynical laughter and  zombies.

The LL
  A Spiritual Sexposè 
(Watch the trailer below)
Written/Director By Juliet Annerino
Featuring one of A.S.E. Productions & Casting
 own, "Stream"-Actress and Trumpet Player!
Surreal elegance, satirical drama and philosophical hi-jinks collide 
in this passionately charged exploration into the timeless mysteries 
of Love and God...Written & directed by international chanteuse, Juliet 
Annerino, THE LORD'S LOVER is sexy, yet thought-provoking, playful yet 
surprisingly poignant. World-renowned performance poet, Jim Bolt MC's, 
in a white top hat and tails, leading us through the night's 
adventures. "The Torch Ensemble", performs as Greek chorus. THE LORD'S 
LOVER breaks conventional boundaries of modern stage, with 
elements of cabaret, performance art, dramatic theater, erotic dance, 
cutting edge video imagery, and special effects. Through seven 
fast-paced scenes, the intricacies of human sexuality and the 
controversial themes of pride, lust and free will are explored and