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The Dancing Yeti is a friendly creature that lives in the high mountains of Southern California. He loves when Ranger Heidi brings friends to visit him and is always happy to hear the laughter of children. 

One of Yeti’s favorite things to do is, well, DANCE!! 

The Dancing Yeti believes that people of all ages can express how they feel through a variety of dance moves. He loves learning about all  the different cultures and specific dances throughout the world. When Ranger Heidi and friends visit, Yeti is excited because he knows a dance party is certain to happen.

Children who visit The Dancing Yeti always learn about life lessons too such as: Respecting nature, Dealing with bullies, Why we need to exercise, The importance of volunteering, What its like to feel “different”, and of course, Learning different cultures. 


Music Video #3

In Post-Production

Casting Call details are coming soon.