"Roses" (Working Title) ***Non Union*** Short Film

 Genre: Suspense  


Audition Dates: TBA    Shoot Dates: Fall 2014    Shoot Location: Los Angeles, Ca. Area

Copy, Credit , Meals and Deferred Pay

 I am seeking very strong and expressive Actors for this film. You must have a broad range!!

Seasoned and New Actors are encouraged to submit.


 List which character you are submitting for in the subject of the email.

Send  the following: Name, email, phone number, links to reels, head shot, and resume to: asecasting@gmail.com

or snail mail  Attn: Lyanne Fitzpatrick, 1304 N. Highland Ave. #287 Hollywood,Ca.90028

Character Breakdown:

LEAD-Tina: Has been cast.  

LEAD-Kyle: Caucasian Male, age *range 40-45*  

Younger in appearance. Height 5'11-6'4" Slender-Runners body type, handsome, smooth talker, suave, rich, quite manipulator. (Implied Nudity-Implied Sex scene-shower silhouette)

SUPPORTING-K.C. : Asian (Chinese/Thai Female)  age *range  20-25*   Height 5'2"-5'6" - No nonsense, straight shooter, Gorgeous.

LEAD-Jerry: Ambiguous Male Olive complexion age *range 28-35*   Height 5'7"-5'11" Fit-Muscular body type, handsome, gold digger, manipulator. (Implied Nudity-Implied After-Sex scene)

LEAD-Julie: Caucasian Female  age *range 20-25*   Height 5'2"-5'6"  Petite-no curves,body type ,cute, bubbly, blonde, never has enough money, babysitter-college student. (Implied Nudity-Implied Sex scene-shower silhouette)

SUPPORTING-Darla: Has been cast.

SUPPORTING-Stacie: Caucasian Female  age *range 20-25*   Height 5'2"-5'6"  Petite- Sexy body type, Red hair, pale eyes, college student.

(Implied Nudity-Implied After-Sex scene)

FEATURED-Friend 1:  Ethnicity open Height  5'1"-5'5"  college student

FEATURED-Friend 2:  Ethnicity open Height  5'1"-5'5"  college student

20 to 30  Extras-{ College Scenes, and Party scene}: Ethnicity open, College students, party girls, party guys, and teachers (Legally 18 -55)